Enhancing Healthcare with Oracle’s Latest Fusion Cloud Suite Updates


Oracle is revolutionizing its Fusion Cloud suites, focusing on healthcare enterprises. These updates across its ERP, HCM, EPM, and SCM Fusion Cloud applications aim to streamline operations and elevate patient care. A notable addition is the Oracle Workforce Scheduling and Labor Optimization in the HCM suite, which integrates healthcare data with EHRs on a unified platform. This feature, enhanced with AI for dynamic scheduling, helps in efficient resource allocation and adheres to complex regulations.

Oracle has also refined its EPM, ERP, and SCM suites. EPM enhancements focus on AI-driven financial reporting and consolidation, while ERP upgrades include advanced procurement tools for cost reduction. SCM’s Replenishment Planning and Recall Management have been updated for better demand prediction and efficient medical product recalls.

These updates, set to roll out over the next year, are part of Oracle’s commitment to boosting efficiency and safety in healthcare without additional costs.

Kelly Adams
Kelly Adams
Kelly is an expert in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), skilled in implementing and optimizing this tool for enhanced business performance. Her expertise encompasses system customization, user training, and staying abreast of the latest EPM technologies. Kelly's proficiency in Oracle EPM is a valuable asset to organizations aiming to leverage technology for improved decision-making and process efficiency.


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