Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure Elevates Microsoft Bing: A New Era in AI Conversational Search


In a landmark announcement, Oracle has unveiled a multi-year agreement with Microsoft, setting the stage for a transformative collaboration in the realm of AI services. This partnership, leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) alongside Microsoft Azure, is poised to revolutionize Bing’s conversational search capabilities.

Oracle and Microsoft: Forging a Path in AI Technology

The synergy between Oracle’s advanced OCI AI infrastructure and Microsoft Azure’s AI capabilities marks a significant milestone in the evolution of AI-driven search technologies. This strategic alliance underscores the increasing demand for robust computational power in the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence.

The Core of the Collaboration: Enhancing Bing with OCI

Bing’s conversational search, a feature that relies heavily on high-powered computational resources, will now be augmented by OCI’s AI infrastructure. This integration is pivotal for the real-time processing and analysis of search queries, enabling Bing to offer more nuanced and conversational responses to user inquiries.

Insights from Oracle’s Leadership: Karan Batta on AI’s Evolution

Karan Batta, Oracle’s Senior Vice President, highlights the monumental advancements in generative AI technology. Oracle’s contribution to this partnership extends beyond infrastructure support; it’s about enabling a new era of AI-driven products and experiences, with potential implications for a myriad of businesses worldwide.

Microsoft’s Vision: A Leap in Search Experience

Divya Kumar, Microsoft’s Global Head of Marketing for Search & AI, sheds light on the ambition to harness AI advancements for enhancing Bing’s search capabilities. The collaboration with Oracle aims to not only broaden customer access but also to refine the speed and precision of search results, thereby redefining the standards in search engine technology.

The Backbone of AI Searches: The Role of Inference Models

The technical requirements for such an ambitious project are substantial. Inference models, essential for AI-driven searches, necessitate vast computational resources. Here, Oracle’s OCI Superclusters are set to play a crucial role, providing the necessary compute and storage capacity, along with a formidable array of GPUs, to function effectively as a supercomputer. This computational prowess is vital for managing the parallel processing demands of Bing’s AI models.

OCI Supercluster: A Catalyst for AI Processing

The OCI Supercluster boasts an impressive capability, scaling up to 4,096 OCI Compute Bare Metal instances with a staggering number of GPUs. This capacity is essential for efficiently processing massively parallel applications, such as Bing’s conversational search.

Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure: A Multicloud Milestone

A key component of this partnership is the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure. This feature facilitates a seamless, low-latency connection between OCI and Azure, enabling innovative multicloud solutions. This interconnectivity not only enhances flexibility but also optimizes ROI, representing a strategic benefit for both Oracle and Microsoft.


The Oracle-Microsoft collaboration heralds a new chapter in AI and cloud computing. By harnessing OCI’s AI infrastructure, Microsoft Bing is set to offer an unprecedented conversational search experience, paving the way for future innovations in AI technology.

Kelly Adams
Kelly Adams
Kelly is an expert in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), skilled in implementing and optimizing this tool for enhanced business performance. Her expertise encompasses system customization, user training, and staying abreast of the latest EPM technologies. Kelly's proficiency in Oracle EPM is a valuable asset to organizations aiming to leverage technology for improved decision-making and process efficiency.

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